Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
Office for Technology
New York City Human Resources Administration

Welfare Management System: General and Application Controls Over New York City Data (Follow-Up Report)

Public assistance programs in New York City are overseen by OTDA and directly administered by the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA). In its administration of these programs, HRA relies on the automated Welfare Management System (WMS), which is managed by OTDA and OFT (the State Office for Technology). In audit report 2002-N-1, we examined the adequacy of the controls over the New York City data on the WMS and identified a number of serious weaknesses. For example, we were unable to confirm the accuracy of WMS data relating to individuals’ eligibility for public assistance, because HRA was unable to locate many of the supporting case file records. We also determined that WMS data was not always consistent with the case file information that was available. We made several recommendations aimed at strengthening controls over the New York City data on the WMS, and when we followed up on these matters, we found that some of our audit recommendations had been implemented, but others had not.

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