Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority

Selected Financial Management and Operating Practices (Follow-Up Report)

Regional Transit Service, Inc. (RTS), which is the largest subsidiary of the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority, has a fleet of 258 buses. RTS operates a bus maintenance department, and uses a computerized system to track the effectiveness of maintenance activities. In audit report 2002-S-37, we found that the Authority could not determine whether RTS performs maintenance tasks efficiently and effectively, because the system for tracking maintenance did not provide reliable data. We also found RTS had no productivity standards to measure its maintenance performance, and might have been paying more than it should in mechanic overtime costs. In addition, the Authority did not always comply with its expenditure and procurement guidelines, and had not provided complete and timely reports to oversight agencies. When we followed up on the actions that had been taken in implementing our audit recommendations, we found that some progress had been made, but additional improvements were still needed.

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