Office of General Services

Emergency Contracting Practices

The Office of General Services (OGS) is responsible for awarding construction contracts at State agencies. In emergency situations, OGS may award construction contracts of $200,000 or less to firms on a pre-determined list of eligible contractors. OGS is to solicit at three bids from these pre-qualified firms, but need not solicit bids from any other firms. We examined the practices used by OGS in awarding contracts to these pre-qualified firms. We found OGS generally complied with the requirements governing these special contract awards. We also found appropriate controls had been established for ensuring contracts were awarded in emergency situations only and contractor billings were reasonable and accurate. However, in 3 of the 43 contracts we reviewed, the contractors were inappropriately allowed by OGS to expand the scope of the contract and be paid for performing work that was unrelated to the original emergency. We also identified other opportunities for enhancing controls and reducing costs in the award of the contracts.

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