Department of Transportation

Contract with Dejana Industries, Inc.

The contractor was to retrieve and dispose of roadway litter and debris on designated State-owned arterial highways in the five boroughs of New York City. We found that, contrary to the requirements of the contract, Dejana did not maintain records supporting their invoices to the Department of Transportation for a significant portion of the five-year contract period. We reviewed certain other records (such as E-ZPass billing records for Dejana’s street-cleaning vehicles) to determine whether the information on those records could provide any assurance that the services on Dejana’s invoices were provided as billed. However, our alternative review identified inconsistencies which strongly suggest that services may not always have been provided as billed. We therefore recommended that the Department disallow all of its payments to Dejana for contract services during the period ($3,692,490) unless it can be documented that the services were provided as billed.

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