Division of State Police
Department of Transportation
Department of Correctional Services

Lease Acquisition and Maintenance Costs in Contracts with
M/A-Com for Radio Communications Equipment

The Division of State Police, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Correctional Services entered into separate contracts with M/A-COM to acquire and maintain radio communications equipment. We reviewed payments under these contracts, collectively worth $150 million, to determine if the agencies’ radio communications equipment acquisition and maintenance practices were cost-effective for the State. We found that because of a lack of centralized coordination in the negotiation of contract terms and ineffective management oversight at the three agencies, the equipment leased from M/A-COM was unnecessarily costly. We identified a total of $35.3 million in excess costs and potential cost savings and recommended that the three agencies recover or negotiate contract concessions for up to $14.5 million from M/A-COM for excessive and inappropriate charges already incurred. We also recommended improvements to significantly reduce the agencies’ future costs under the contracts with M/A-COM.

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