Administrative Board for the Offices of the Public Administrators

Richmond County Public Administrator: Selected Aspects of Estate Administration (Follow-Up Report)

When an individual dies intestate and leaves no heirs who are able or willing to administer the estate, the estate is administered by a public administrator. Such estates are to be administered in accordance with requirements specified in State law. In audit report 2003-N-5, we examined the estate management practices of the Richmond County Public Administrator and found that a number of improvements were needed. For example, the payments made to the Public Administratorís counsel for estate services were not always supported by detailed documentation, as required by law, and other disbursements from the estates were not always properly documented. In addition, contrary to the requirements in the law, an appropriate accounting system had not been established for estate transactions and written procedures had not been developed for estate management activities. When we followed up on our audit recommendations, we found that they had, for the most part, been implemented.

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