New York State Thruway Authority

Contract for the E-ZPass System (Follow-Up Report)

Tolls on the New York State Thruway may be collected electronically through the E-ZPass system. The system is maintained by a contractor who is reimbursed on a cost-plus basis. In audit report 2002-R-2, we examined the New York State Thruway Authority’s controls over the payments made to the contractor. We found that improvements were needed to provide assurance that the costs claimed by the contractor were accurate and the contractor’s inventories of E-ZPass tags were properly accounted for. Improvements were also needed in the practices used by the Authority to monitor the contractor’s delivery of services. When we followed up to determine whether our audit recommendations had been implemented, we found that some of the recommendations had been implemented but other recommendations had not been implemented.

For a complete copy of Report 2004-F-47 click here.