Department of Taxation and Finance

Call Center Services Unit (Follow-Up Report)

In 1996, the Department of Taxation and Finance automated its Call Center Services Unit and added staff to the unit in an effort to increase tax collections, enhance staff productivity and improve customer service. In our initial audit report 2001-S-9, we assessed the effectiveness of the Departmentís efforts and found indications that customer service had improved. However, we could not determine whether tax collections and staff productivity had improved as a result of the automation and staffing changes, because the goals related to these improvements had not been quantified, a reliable method of measuring the improvements had not been established, and management reports for measuring revenue collections and staff productivity had discrepancies that compromised their usefulness. We recommended that the Department address these monitoring deficiencies, and when we followed up with Department officials, we found that additional actions were needed if our recommendations were to be fully implemented.

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