Office of Children and Family Services

Contract with Pius XII Youth and Family Services, Inc. (Follow-Up Review)

The contractor operated two residential facilities for children placed by family and criminal courts in the care of the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). Both facilities were closed after OCFS received allegations regarding inappropriate activities on the part of the contractor’s staff. In our initial audit report 2001-R-5, we examined selected aspects of the operations at the two facilities and found that the contractor was not monitored as closely as it should have been by OCFS. For example, many of the case files for the youths at the facilities had not been approved by OCFS, as required; allegations of abuse and neglect were not investigated within the required time frames; and many of the staff hired by the contractor were not qualified for their jobs. We recommended that OCFS improve its monitoring of residential facilities, and in our follow-up review, we found that actions had been taken by OCFS to implement this recommendation.

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