Office of General Services

Contract with Breeyear General Contracting Corporation

The contractor provided certain kinds of temporary services (such as carpentry, painting and plumbing services) for State agencies in certain areas of the State. We examined whether payments made to the contractor were adequately supported by appropriate documentation and the contractor’s performance was adequately monitored by the Office of General Services (OGS). We found that, in general, the contractor’s performance was effectively monitored by OGS. However, when we reviewed a sample of the contractor’s timesheets, we found that some of the timesheets were inaccurate or incomplete. We recommended that OGS randomly verify the accuracy and completeness of selected timesheets. We also examined whether the contract was cost-beneficial for New York State. We determined that the State’s costs for the services covered by the contract might be reduced if State employees, or a mix of State employees and temporary workers, were used to perform services currently performed exclusively by temporary workers. We recommended that OGS periodically perform cost-benefit analyses to determine whether State employees should be used instead of temporary workers.

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