New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

Collection Practices for Inpatient Bills (Follow-Up Review)

The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) operates New York Cityís municipal hospital system. When payment for a bill cannot be collected by one of the eleven acute care hospitals in the system , the bill may be referred to one of several private collection agencies. In our prior audit report 2000-N-1, we examined collection practices at three of these hospitals and found that many of the unpaid bills referred to collection agencies could have been collected by the hospitals instead. For example, for 71 of the 100 randomly selected accounts that we evaluated, the successful actions taken by the collection agencies were the kinds of actions that the hospitalsí collection staff were expected to take and frequently entailed nothing more than thorough or persistent efforts to confirm the patientís eligibility for Medicaid. In our follow-up review, we found that the recommendations contained in our prior report had been implemented by the three hospitals.

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