Division of Parole

Supervision of Shock Incarceration Program Parolees

The Shock Incarceration Program is an alternative form of incarceration that was introduced by the Department of Correctional Services in 1987. In this program, inmates who successfully complete a six-month boot camp are released from custody earlier than they would have been if they had not participated in the program. After their release, the parolees are subject to a more intensive form of supervision by the Division of Parole. We examined the Divisionís supervision of selected parolees and found that, while some improvements were needed, the supervision generally met the requirements. However, we noted that the caseload for 52 of the 60 parole officers included in our sample exceeded the Divisionís recommended caseload ratios. We therefore recommended that caseloads be monitored more closely and action taken to prevent excessive caseloads.

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