Office of General Services

Administration of the New York State Procurement Card Program

In the New York State Procurement Card Program, authorized employees of participating State agencies may use a special credit card to purchase items for their agencies. The use of this card is intended to facilitate purchases and expedite payments to vendors. We examined the effectiveness of the actions taken to promote the use of the procurement card. We found that, while the use of the card had increased significantly since it was introduced in 1996, additional actions were needed if the card's potential benefits were to be fully realized. For example, in 1999, the procurement card was used for only 3 percent of eligible transactions and was not used at all by the majority of State agencies. We noted that procurement cards were used much more extensively in certain other states, and recommended that the practices in those states be reviewed by New York officials. We also examined whether New York's procurement card was used in accordance with requirements, and found that some improvements were needed.

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