Department of Transportation

School Bus Safety Inspection Program

All school bus operators in New York State are required by law to ensure that their buses are inspected every six months. These inspections are performed by the Department of Transportation. We determined that the inspection process appeared to be timely for most buses, but the timeliness of the process could not always be determined because of weaknesses in the system used by the Department to monitor bus inspections. We recommended that the Department make a number of improvements to this system. We also found that certain improvements were needed in the supervision and training provided to bus inspectors. In addition, if certain kinds of defects are identified during an inspection, the bus must be taken out of service and the defect repaired. We examined the Departmentís efforts to reduce the out-of-service rate of bus operators, and found that the Department achieved some success in these efforts . We also determined that the Department made good use of performance measures in these efforts.

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