Cleaned-Fueled Vehicle Council

Acquisition, Use and Promotion of Electric Vehicles by New York State Agencies

We reviewed the Councilís coordination of electric vehicle acquisition by certain State agencies, as well as the Councilís promotion of such vehicle acquisition by other entities in New York State. The objectives of our study were to (1) obtain information about the experiences of certain State agencies in acquiring and operating electric vehicles, (2) determine how much progress has been made in meeting State regulations requiring that at least 10 percent of the vehicles sold by major manufacturers in 2003 be powered by zero emission fuel, and (3) compare the electric vehicle acquisition efforts and experiences in New York State with those in other states. We conclude that in light of difficulties encountered in both the acquisition and use of the vehicles, the 11 State agencies we reviewed have made a good faith effort to acquire and use electric vehicles. However, additional actions can be taken to improve the agenciesí acquisition and use of the vehicles. In particular, more needs to be done to promote the use of electric vehicles to businesses and the driving public. Without a dramatic increase in sales over the next three years, the 10 percent sales requirement will not be met by the seven major automakers (i.e., those selling more than 35,000 vehicles in the State during the year) in 2003. We also determined that New York has been less successful than California, but more successful than the other five states we studied, in promoting the use of electric vehicles.

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