State University of New York

Utilization and Control of Selected Standardized Computer Systems

SUNY System Administration maintains the university-wide computerized system that processes financial and human resource information such as accounting, purchasing, and accounts payable transactions. This system interfaces with applications that are not university-wide, including campus-based student information systems that process student financial aid, class registration and payment data. In our prior audit report, we concluded that SUNY could realize significant benefits and cost savings by establishing and adhering to policy supporting the use of standardized administrative computing systems throughout the University. Since that time, other reports from sources internal and external to SUNY have made similar conclusions. During this audit, we found that SUNY has taken some noteworthy steps to encourage standardized computer systems. However, we found that SUNY has not established policy direction supporting the utilization of standardized systems for student information, finance and human resource processing throughout the University. We conclude that with appropriate leadership from System Administration and policy direction supported by the Board of Trustees, SUNY could make considerably more progress toward the utilization of standardized systems with resultant cost savings and efficiencies.

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