Division of Housing and Community Renewal

Unity Park Phase I and II

Unity Park Phase I and Phase II are privately owned residential apartment complexes of about 200 apartment units each located in Niagara Falls and developed under the provisions of the Mitchell-Lama program. In this program, which is administered by the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, housing is made available to low and middle income populations. In response to complaints made to the Office of the State Comptroller alleging health and safety hazards at the Unity Park Phase II development, we reviewed the validity of the complaints as well as selected operating practices at the two developments. We found that, while actions have been taken to address some of the poor conditions described in the complaint, additional actions are still needed. We noted that, because so many of the apartments in Unity Park Phase II are vacant, the development is unable to generate enough income to properly maintain the complex and to meet financial obligations, including mortgage payments to the New York State Mortgage Loan Enforcement and Administration. If action is not taken by the Division of Housing and Community Renewal and other stakeholders to reduce the vacancy rate, improve the physical condition, and strengthen the financial status of the development, the continued operation of the development could be at risk.

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