State University of New York

University at Stony Brook: University and Clinical Practice Management Plan Space Leasing Practices (Follow-Up Review)

The University at Stony Brook's Health Science Center operates clinics in which patients are treated by faculty from the Center's medical school. Some of the facilities used by the clinics are leased, and in our prior audit report 96-S-36, we examined the leasing practices for these facilities. We found that renovation costs were not adequately controlled, some lease expenses were paid more than once or were incorrectly calculated, and all lease costs were not considered when competitive lease proposals were evaluated. We also identified a potential conflict of interest, as a building was leased to the Health Science Center by a realty corporation that was established and funded by faculty of the medical school. In our follow-up review, we found that some of the recommendations contained in our prior report have been implemented, but others have not been implemented.

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