Division of State Police

Overtime Controls

We audited selected aspects of the management of overtime expenditures, as well as the related time and attendance practices, at the Division of the State Police for the period of April 1, 1996, through January 15, 1999. Although we found that the Division's controls over overtime were sound, they were not always effective. For example, our review of selected overtime payments identified a number of duplicate payments and clerical errors. In 1995, the Governor assigned the State Police to patrol the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (Center) in New York City (City) operated by the New York Convention Center Operating Corporation (Corporation). The Division is absorbing approximately 35 percent of the costs of the troopers assigned to the Center, despite the Law requiring the Corporation to compensate the Division for its costs. We recommended that the Division consider seeking reimbursement for all the staff it has assigned at the Center, and that it keep better records that show clearly the number of staff assigned to special events.

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