Department of Labor

Contract with Ramos Gartner and Co., Inc.

Ramos Gartner & Co., Inc. (RG) provided a program of Job Readiness Training that included career counseling and placement services to certain clients receiving public assistance. We audited the amounts claimed by RG under a performance-based contract with payment based on the completion of certain activities (milestones). The three milestones are job readiness training, job placement and job retention. For our audit scope period, January 1, 1996 through November 30, 1998, RG claimed and was paid $743,786 for the job readiness training of 382 people, the job placement of 182 people, and the job retention of 129 people. We disallowed a total of $105,522 for claims for job readiness training, job placement, and job retentions that were not in accordance with contract terms.

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