New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation

Selected Operating Practices

The New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation (NYC-OTB), a public benefit corporation established to operate an off-track pari-mutuel betting system in New York City, was created to generate revenue for government and to prevent and curb unlawful bookmaking and illegal wagering on horse races. Our review noted ways that NYC-OTB could reduce its costs and improve its operating efficiency in the assignment and use of vehicles, and the deployment of security and repair and maintenance staff. Because the operators of its administrative vehicles are not required to keep usage records, there is no assurance that the mileage on the vehicles is solely for business purposes. We also questioned the cost-effectiveness of assigning a vehicle to nearly every member of the facility maintenance department because they often work together. It also appeared that NYC-OTB had not reduced security staff in proportion to the number of branches recently closed; we recommended a periodic review of staffing levels. We also found that the work schedules of staff assigned to the facility maintenance and field support maintenance departments were resulting in a significant amount of unproductive work time.

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