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Bureau of State Payroll Services


  Date:  May 21, 2004      Bulletin No. SU-95


SUNY Discretionary Lump Sum Payments


To provide instructions for processing Discretionary Lump Sum Payments.

Affected Employees

Active employees in Bargaining Units 08 and 41 with the following Pay Basis Codes: 21P, ANN, BIW , CAL , CYF and CYP.


Pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding dated August 2, 1998 between UUP, GOER, and OSC, certain employees who were part-time during the 1996 academic year may receive Discretionary Lump Sum Payments.


Payments may be made beginning in Administration Pay Period 4 - Lag, checks dated June 2, 2004 .

Eligibility Criteria

Employees who were part-time during the 1996 academic year and have since gone to full-time status are due a Discretionary Lump Sum Payment of $158.50.


•  Employees who were full-time during the 1996 academic year and have since gone to part-time status are not eligible for this payment.


•  Employees who previously received the Discretionary Lump Sum Payment (DLP) of $317.00 for the full 2003-2004 academic year are not eligible for this payment.


•  Eligible employees on Military Leave as a result of the events of 9/11/01 are eligible for this payment immediately.


Agency Processing Information

Effective Pay Period 4L, payments for the 2003-2004 Spring semester are to be processed through the Time Entry Page using the Earn Code DLS :

Earnings Begin Date:  05/06/04

Earnings End Date:    05/06/04

Earn Code:               DLS

Amount:                  $158.50

Payroll Register and Employee's Check/Advice

The Earn Code DLS and the amount will be displayed on the payroll register and “Discretionary LSP-1 Semester” will be written on the employee's check or direct deposit advice.


Information about these payments, including eligibility requirements, may be found in e-mail messages sent to campuses by SUNY's Director of University-Wide Human Resources.


If you have additional questions related to the payments, please contact SUNY System Administration.


Payroll-related questions may be directed to your OSC payroll auditor.