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  Date: December 17, 2003  Bulletin No. SU-92

Subject Change of Payment Date of the SUNY Discretionary Lump Sum Payments for 2003-2004. This is an addendum to Payroll Bulletin SU-91 entitled "SUNY Discretionary Lump Sum Payments for 2003-2004," issued on December 9, 2003
Purpose To change the payment date of the SUNY Discretionary Lump Sum Payments for 2003-2004 stated in Payroll Bulletin SU-91and to update the Agency processing instructions.

Refer to Payroll Bulletin SU-91 for more information.
Payments may be made beginning in Administration Pay Period 19-Lag, check dated December 31, 2003.

Agency Actions

To pay eligible employees, payments are to be processed in the Time Entry panel using Earn Code DLP for employees due the full $317.00 for both the Fall and Spring semesters and DLS for employees due $158.50 for the Fall semester only:
     Earn Begin Date:      12/04/03
     Earn End Date:        12/04/03
     Earn Code:              DLP or DLS
     Amount:                 $317.00 or $158.50
Questions Questions about payment processing may be directed to your Payroll Auditor.