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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  September 24, 2002

Bulletin No. SU-81

Subject Discretionary Increases for SUNY Employees
Purpose To provide instructions to agencies for processing discretionary increases.
Affected Employees SUNY Professional Service employees in Bargaining Units 08 and 41.
Background Article 20.7 of the 1999-2003 Agreement between the State and United University Professions (Bargaining Unit 08) and a SUNY Board Resolution of May 31, 2000 for employees in Bargaining Unit 41 provides for a discretionary increase based on an employee's June 30, 2002 salary. Payment of the increase is at the discretion of the College President and can be made to employees who are incumbents on the payroll June 30, 2002.
Effective Dates The discretionary increases will be processed over four (4) pay periods beginning in pay period 14.
Pay Basis Code Effective Date
ANN, CYP, CYF 07/01/02
21P 08/15/02
CAL 09/01/02
HRY, BIW, FEE Effective date based on obligation

SUNY System Administration has designated payroll periods for each campus to submit their discretionary increases.

OSC Actions OSC will run the SUNY Discretionary Increase file after all other actions submitted on the Job Action Request panel have been approved for the applicable agencies. The increases will be automatically added to the Job Data panel. The initial discretionary increase row will appear with an Action of Pay Rt Chg (Pay Rate Change) and a Reason of SIC (Salary Increase). All eligible following rows will appear with an Action of Pay Rt Chg (Pay Rate Change) and a Reason of CSL (Cor Sal).
Agency Actions Each agency must complete a discretionary salary increase roster, in Empl ID order, as prescribed by SUNY System Administration.The roster must be signed by the College President and forwarded to SUNY System Administration, which will forward it to OSC.

Pay Basis Code ANN, CYP or CYF

Because employees with pay basis code ANN, CYP or CYF received a 3 % salary increase on July 4, 2002, the Action of Pay Rt Chg and the Reason code CSL must be submitted to update the July 4, 2002 row using the July 1, 2002 discretionary amount.

Pay Basis Code 21P

For eligible employees with the pay basis code 21P, the Action of Pay Rt Chg and the Reason code SIC must be submitted effective August 15, 2002.

Pay Basis Code CAL

For eligible employees with pay basis code CAL, the Action of Pay Rt Chg and the Reason code SIC must be submitted effective September 1, 2002.

All subsequent rows on the Job Data panel must be updated by submitting the action of Pay Rt Chg and the Reason code CSL.

Note: Subsequent rows should only be increased by the amount of the actual discretionary amount as shown on the approved roster.

Do not apply the 3 % salary increase to any discretionary amount when updating rows.

Exceptions Report After the SUNY Discretionary Increase file has been processed, the following report will be available to agencies:

NHRP 558, SUNY Discretionary Raises Exception Report
Fields contained on this report will be Emplid, Employee Name, Effective Date, Pay Basis Code, Action Reason and Salary. This report will identify employees who did not receive the automatic increase due to one of the following:
Invalid Emplid 
Emplid is Blank 
Department ID not found 
Department ID required 
No Record found on Job 
Invalid Action Reason

OSC will notify SUNY System Administration after the discretionary file is processed and the reveal report is available.

Questions Questions concerning these increases should be directed to SUNY System Administration.

Questions about this bulletin may be directed to your OSC payroll auditor.