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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  March 26, 2002

 Bulletin No. SU-71 

Subject GSEU Health Insurance Processed by the Department of Civil Service
Purpose To explain the change in deduction and earning codes of GSEU Health Insurance.
Current Deduction Code New Deduction Code
336 Non-tax Hi HIBTRG
346 Taxable Hi HIATRG
388 Non-tax Hi adjustment HIBTSP
389 Taxable Hi adjustment HIATSP
Current Earning Code
New Earning Code
GIR Imputed Income Regular IIR
GIS Imputed Income Special IIS
Affected Employees All employees in Bargaining Unit 28 who are eligible for Health Insurance.
Effective in the paycheck dated April 10, 2002.
OSC Actions OSC will automatically insert a new row in the general deduction record for deduction codes 336 and 346 with an end-date of March 14, 2002.

For the Earnings code 'GIR' in the additional pay panel, OSC will also use an end-date of March 13, 2002. No action is required for deduction codes 388 and 389 or Earnings code GIS.
Agency Actions Notify affected employees that their Health Insurance will be processed by the Department of Civil Service beginning with the paycheck dated April 10, 2002.
Questions Questions regarding entering the new information in the Department of Civil Service NYBEAS system should be directed to SUNY System Administration Benefits Manager.

Questions about this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deduction mailbox.