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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  March 4, 2002

 Bulletin No.  SU-69

Subject SUNY Discretionary Lump Sum Payments
Purpose To explain agency procedures for processing the lump sum payments
Affected Employees Active employees in Bargaining Units 08 and 41 with the following Pay Basis Codes: 21P, ANN, BIW, CAL, CYF and CYP
Effective Date Payment will be included in the employee's regular check for Administration payroll period 25L dated March 27, 2002.
Eligibility Criteria Pursuant to the memorandum of understanding, dated August 5, 1998, employees who were part-time during the 1996 academic year, and have since gone to full-time are eligible for a discretionary lump sum payment of $153.

Employees who were full-time during the 1996 academic year and have since gone to part-time are not eligible for the payment.

Employees who previously received the discretionary lump sum payment (DLP) of $306 for the full 2001-2002 academic year, as stated in bulletin SU-63, are not eligible for the March payment.
Agency Processing Information Effective pay period 25L, payments for the 2001-2002 Spring semester are to be processed through the Time Entry panel using the earn code DLS:

Earnings Begin Date: 02/28/02
Earnings End Date: 02/28/02 
Earn Code: DLS
Amount: $153.00
Payroll Register and Employee's Check/Advice The earn code DLS and the amount will be displayed on the payroll register and Discretionary LSP-1 Semester will be displayed on the employee's check or direct deposit advice.
For Additional Information Information about these payments, including eligibility requirements, may be found in e-mail messages sent to campuses by SUNY's Director of University-Wide Human Resources.

If you have additional questions related to the payments, please contact SUNY System Administration. Payroll related questions may be directed to your OSC Payroll Auditor.