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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: April 6, 2000

Bulletin No. SU-36/ CU-85/UCS-25

Subject Reveal Software Upgrade and Report Retention Guidelines
Purpose To notify users of the differences between the current version and the upgrade.
Affected Employees  Staff who use Reveal to view, print and download PaySR reports.
Effective Date April 10, 2000
OSC Actions OSC will install new software on the PaySR servers.
Agency Actions Advise users of the changes in the Reveal application.
Review agency policies for maintaining electronic or printed copies of Reveal reports.
Adjust procedures, as needed, to correspond to the revised report retention schedule.
Background Information Reveal Reporting software is used to view, print and download PaySR reports. A new version will be installed on April 9, 2000. In addition to several administrative and technical enhancements, some changes will be visible to users and will affect the way reports are viewed and printed.
New Log In Procedures To improve overall security, users will enter their login ID and password to access Reveal. The "Remember Password" option will not be enabled in the new version. Reveal is currently the only PaySR component in which the end user can choose to have the application remember the password.

The first time users log in to the new version, they will enter a "startup" password and will then be prompted to change it. The new password must be a minimum of six characters and must contain at least one number OR one non-alphabetic symbol (e.g. &, %, etc.) The "startup" password will be sent to agency payroll officers during the week of April 3, 2000. A logon message will remind users of this requirement when the new version is available.

Additional Report Generation Information Currently, each report generation is identified by a time stamp of when the report was created (e.g. 03/16/2000 at 11:30) In the new version, the time stamp will be followed by an additional identifier such as "Check Date 03/23/2000". This will make it easier to locate and open the appropriate report.
New Schedule for Availability of Reports in Reveal Most reports will be available for three months. A chart is attached that will be used for archiving agency reports in Reveal. OSC will be using an automatic delete process based on this information. It is important that agencies review this schedule and make electronic or printed copies of Reveal reports as needed for agency business practices and records retention.
Printing Procedures A new print dialog box will be available for users. The correct printer needs to be selected or verified each time a Reveal report is printed. In the current version, the print dialog box contains a drop-down list of the available printers (HPLJ4, HPLJ5, etc). The user selects the correct printer from this list each time a report is printed.

In the new version, this drop-down list is located in the Print Setup dialog box. If the correct printer is not listed on the top line of the Print dialog box, the user should:

1. Click the Setup button in the Print dialog box

2. Click the down arrow in the Specific Printer section of the Print Setup dialog box

3. Click the correct printer

4. Click OK to return to the Print dialog box

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.