NYS Comptroller Seal  

Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: December 23, 1999

 Bulletin No. SU-32

Subject SUNY Location Stipend
Purpose To inform agencies of OSC automatic processing and agency processing instructions
Affected Employees SUNY Professional Services employees in Bargaining Unit 08
Effective Date  Payments will be included in the employee’s regular check dated January 19, 2000
Eligibility for Payment Full-time employees who were active on the payroll December 31, 1999 and whose official work station was located in New York City or the counties of Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland or Westchester
Pay Period 20 Lag Automatic Payment Processing Information OSC will automatically apply the $500 Location Stipend to employees who were active in bargaining unit 08 on December 31, 1999 for the following campuses:

28050 Stony Brook 28390 Farmingdale
28100 HCS-Brooklyn 28570 Maritime
28200 Old Westbury 28580 Optometry
28260 Purchase
Listings OSC will produce listings of the employees who have the $500 Location Stipend applied for payment.
Agency Payment Processing Instructions If an employee is ineligible for the automatic payment:
Agency staff at Stony Brook and HCS-Brooklyn should delete the Location Stipend row.

Agency staff in agency codes 28200, 28260, 28390, 28570 and 28580 should send a list of the ineligible employees to the SUNY System Administration to delete the Location Stipend row. .

To pay an eligible employees who did not receive the automatic payment, use the earnings code LOS and enter the following information through the time entry panels:

Earnings Begin Date: Beginning date of pay period
Earnings End Date: Beginning date of pay period
Earn Code: LOS
Amount: $500.00
For Additional Information Questions about eligibility for payment should be directed to SUNY System Administration. Payroll-related questions may be directed to your OSC payroll auditor.