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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: November 2, 1999

 Bulletin No. SU-29

Subject Rate Increase for On-Call Pay
Purpose To notify agencies of a rate increase for On-Call Pay and to provide agency processing instructions.
Affected Employees United University Professions covering employees in the Professional Services in Bargaining Unit 08.
Effective Date and Amount of Increase Effective July 2, 1999, the on-call rate was increased to $3.50 per hour.
OSC System Update OSC has updated the on-call rate for earnings code SBU. Starting with the Administration 15L pay cycle, any on-call transactions processed with an Earnings End Date effective 07021999 or greater will calculate at the new $3.50 rate. This includes the SBU earnings code and any transactions which use the on-call rate to calculate the earnings amount.
Agency Processing Instructions On-call transactions submitted prior to Administration 15L will need to be adjusted by the agency. To adjust the on-call payments paid at the old rate, use the earn code ADJ in the time entry panel. Enter the following:

Earnings Begin Date: Beginning date of the first pay period to be adjusted
Earnings End Date: End date of the last pay period to be adjusted
Earn Code: ADJ
Amount: Adjusted Amount
Comments: Number of hours adjusted.
For Additional
Questions about on-call transactions may be directed to your OSC payroll auditor.