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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: August 27, 1999

 Bulletin No. SU-25

Subject Factor Change
Purpose To explain a SUNY factor adjustment 
Affected Employees Grade 980 SUNY employees with Pay Basis Codes of CAL and CYF
Effective Date 9/1/99
OSC Processing OSC will automatically insert rows after 9/1/99 (the agency cut-off date for Period 11L) for the checks dated 9/15/99. The Factor used will be .038251.

OSC will automatically insert a row in the employee’s Job Data record with:

REASON FAC (Factor Adjustment)

OSC will insert a row in the Additional Pay Panel for each Earnings code reported as an annual amount that is included in an employee’s biweekly paycheck.

Employees entitled to a full biweekly paycheck will receive their Regular Salary and all Annual Additional Earnings as follows:

8/19/99-8/31/99 13 days @ .038356
9/1/99                1 day   @ .038251 

Agency Action Enter a new row on the Additional Pay Panel when all of the following apply:

An inactive employee returns to the payroll after the effective date of the Factor Change.
The employee has a row on the Additional Pay Panel that is not end-dated at the time of removal.

Time Entry If the earnings dates overlap a change on the employee’s job record, the agency must break down the earnings which are automatically calculated by the system.
For Additional
If you have questions about Factor Change, contact your payroll auditor.