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Subject: March 1, 1999 3 1/2 % Salary Increase for Graduate Student Employees Union (NU-28) Bulletin No. SU19 
Date: 2/18/99
Chapter 554, Laws of 1997, which implements the agreement between the State and the Graduate Student Employees Union (NU-28), provides for a 3 % salary increase on March 1, 1999. This salary increase will be processed in Payroll Period 25C, March 4-17, 1999 checks dated March 17, 1999.

March 1, 1999 Salary Increase

The salary increase is 3 %, rounded to the next whole dollar, applied to the employee’s salary as February 28, 1999.

OSC will automatically apply the increase for active employees in NU-28 who have not had a change in their Job Data records since February 28, 1999. The raise row will be inserted in the employee’s record after the agency cut off date for Period 25C.

A listing identifying the employees OSC increased automatically and a listing of employees with a change in Job Data after February 28, 1999, will be sent to the agencies after Period 25C is processed.

For employees who have had a Job Data change effective March 1, 1999 or later, the agency must submit a transaction in the Job Action Request Panel with an action of Pay Rate Change and a reason of SIC (Salary Increase). These transactions should be submitted in Period 26C.

Questions concerning this increase should be directed to SUNY Systems.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.