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Subject: SUNY 1999 Salary Increase for Professional Services Unit NU 08 AND NU 41 Bulletin No. SU18
An agreement between the State and the United University Professions covering employees in the Professional Services Unit, provides for a 3 % salary increase, based on an employee’s December 31, 1998 salary, rounded to the nearest dollar with the date of payment based on the employee’s pay basis code.

Pay Basis Code Period Effective Date Check Date
ANN, CYP, CYF  21L 1/7/99 2/3/99
21P 21L 1/15/99 2/3/99
CAL 25L 3/4/99 3/31/99
HRY, BIW Effective date based on obligation

OSC will automatically apply the increase in the periods listed above for active (in pay status) employees, who have not had a change in their Job Data records since December 31, 1998.

HRY and Biweekly employees will not be increased automatically.

OSC will insert the raise row in the employee’s record AFTER the agency cut off date for each period listed above.

Agency listings identifying employees paid automatically will NOT be produced for this increase.

A listing identifying the employees who did not receive the automatic increase will be sent to the agency after processing each raise period.

Agencies should not enter any position or pay rate change transactions for raise eligible employees in the above negotiating units during the period of the raise, unless the transaction effective date is less than the raise effective date as listed above.

Example: An employee with a pay basis code of ANN is promoted on January 12, 1999. Do not submit the promotion in Period 21L. Submit the transaction in Period 22L for checks dated February 17, 1999.

Because this employee received a check in Period 21L, it is not necessary to submit an adjustment transaction with the retroactive appointment transaction submitted in Period 22L. The retroactive adjustment will be calculated automatically.

To increase an employee with pay basis code HRY or BIW, use the Job Action Request panel, the action code PAY RT CHG, and a reason of CRT (change rate). Use the effective date based on the employees obligation.

For employees who have had a Job Data change effective January 1, 1999 or later, the agency must submit a transaction in the Job Action Request panel with an action of Pay Rate Change and a reason of CFS (Cor Fy Sal). The date is per pay basis code. These transactions should be submitted AFTER the raise period listed above.

If an employee has more than one transaction after January 1, 1999, it is necessary for agencies to submit a transaction in the job Action Request Panel to correct all subsequent rows.

Example: An employee with a pay basis code of CAL has a position change that results in an increased salary effective February 4, 1999.

OSC will identify the above employee in Period 25L and not apply an automatic increase. The agency submits the transaction per the above instructions for Period 26L checks dated April 14, 1999. The employee receives the increase with one period of retroactive adjustment.

Because this employee received a check in Period 25L, it is not necessary to submit an adjustment transaction as the retro adjustment will be calculated automatically based on the effective date entered in the Job Action Panel. (In this example, the effective date to be entered for a CAL employee is March 4, 1999).

Questions concerning this increase should be directed to SUNY Systems.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.