Date: August 7, 2009

Bulletin Number: SU-162



Establishment of New Earnings Program for SUNY Employees with Biweekly (BIW) Pay Basis Code


To inform agencies of a new Earnings Program.

Affected Employees

SUNY employees in Bargaining Unit 08 who have a Pay Basis Code of BIW.

Effective Date(s)

OSC has created the new Earnings Program NBW (UUP Biweekly) to be used for Bargaining Unit 08 employees who have a BIW Pay Basis Code.

The Earnings Program is available for agency use as of 8/1/09.

Click here for the list of earnings codes that are included in Earnings Program NBW.

OSC inserted a new row on Position Data effective 7/9/09 and updated the Earnings Program to NBW for Bargaining Unit 08 positions with a BIW Pay Basis Code. All other attributes of the positions remained the same.

Any SUNY employees currently receiving a Military Stipend who have an Earnings Program of MST will not be updated.

Effective Date(s)


Agency Actions

If an agency retroactively hires an employee to a date prior to July 9, 2009, the agency must insert a row on Job Data using the Action/Reason code of DTA CHG/Z12 with an effective date of July 9, 2009 and change the employee’s Earnings Program to NBW.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.