Date: June 26, 2009 
Bulletin Number: SU-160

Standby/On-Call Pay and Recall Pay for SUNY UUP


This bulletin replaces the information in Part III, pages 5-7 of the OSC Salary Manual and provides updated provisions regarding Standby On-Call Pay and Recall Pay.

Affected Employees

Full-time SUNY United University Professions (UUP) professional employees in Bargaining Unit 08 who are overtime eligible and who work regularly scheduled shifts in a hospital or clinic and are assigned to specific areas are eligible for Standby/On-Call Pay and Recall Pay.

The areas of assignment eligible for Standby On-Call Pay and Recall Pay are anesthesiology, biomedical engineering, cardiovascular medicine, clinical laboratories, clinical technical services, dialysis, emergency medical services, histocompatibility/transplant, hospital information technology, infection control, midwifery, department of nursing, operating room, perfusion, pharmacy, physician’s assistant, radiology, respiratory therapy, and social work.

Individual titles may be found in Appendix A-16 of the 2007-2011 Agreement between the State of New York and the United University Professions.

Individuals who are not overtime eligible may, by mutual agreement between the State and UUP, be deemed eligible for Recall Pay.

Contract Provisions

Per the 1988-1991 agreement between the State of New York and the United University Professions:

Standby On-Call Pay

Standby/On-Call is additional compensation for an employee who is required to be available for immediate recall, and who must be prepared to return to duty within a reasonable period of time.

In the event the employee is actually recalled to work, the employee will receive the appropriate recall compensation as indicated below instead of the Standby/On-Call rate. No additional On-Call payments shall be made for any time when the employee receives Recall compensation.  On-Call payments will be made on a biweekly basis.

Such compensation shall be in addition to and not part of such employee's basic annual salary.  However any amount payable pursuant to this section shall be included as compensation for retirement purposes.

Recall Pay

Recall is the additional compensation for full-time professional employees who have been directed to return to work after completing their professional obligation and left their scheduled work station.  The employee shall be entitled to a minimum of one-half day’s pay at the rate of time and a half, or compensation for actual time worked at the rate of time and a half if that period is longer.

An employee is entitled to Recall Pay even if the time for which the employee is recalled coincides with their regularly scheduled shift.

An employee is entitled to a maximum of two (2) four hour minimums during an eight hour shift regardless of the number of times the employee is recalled.

Recall payments will be made on a biweekly basis.

An eligible employee who is on vacation and is recalled is entitled to Recall Pay.

If an eligible employee is recalled on a holiday, the employee is entitled to Recall Pay plus the equivalent holiday compensatory time for the time worked.

Agencies may refer to Payroll Bulletin No. 560 (Review and Update of Recall Overtime Pay for Eligible Employees in Classified and Unclassified Positions) and No. SU-110 (Review of Standby Pay for Eligible Employees Represented by United University Professions) for instructions on code usage for paying Recall and Standby/On-Call.  The current monetary amounts due an employee may differ from those in these bulletins.

Agencies may also refer to Liesl Zwicklbauer’s memorandum dated February 6, 2009 and Joyce Yaple Villa’s memorandum dated September 23, 1988 for payment information.

Standby and Overtime

If an employee is entitled to Standby/On-Call Pay during a payroll period when the employee is also entitled to overtime pay, the amount of total Standby Pay due for that period must be factored into the overtime calculation.


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