Date: March 9, 2005 Bulletin Number:SU-109

New Earnings Codes and Procedures for Processing SUNY Automobile Allowances

To notify agencies of new Earnings Codes CAR (SUNY Automobile Allowance) and ACR (Adjust SUNY Auto Allowance) and to provide instruction for processing the SUNY automobile allowances.

Affected Employees
Certain SUNY United University Professions (UUP) Division 1 Athletic Coaches.
Effective Date(s)
Checks dated 4/06/05.

In a Memorandum of Understanding between SUNY and UUP, the aforementioned parties negotiated provisions that would alter the status of SUNY Division 1coaching staff for the purpose of making SUNY more competitive with other Division 1 schools. Each coach’s contract is to be individually developed and may provide other forms of compensation and benefits consistent with those offered at the Division 1 level. The provision for an automobile allowance was identified as an option that campuses might offer to a coach as part of an employment package.


New Earnings Code and Agency Payment Procedures

The new code for the automobile allowance payments must be reported using the Earnings Code CAR on the Additional Pay page. The annual CAR amount must be on the Position page before submission for payment.

The agency must use the following procedure when reporting the automobile allowance:

Earnings Code: CAR
Effective Date: Enter the earnings effective date
Annual Additional Earnings: Enter the annual amount negotiated in the coach’s contract

OSC has created a new Earnings Code ACR that must be used when reporting any adjustment to the automobile allowance. The agency must use the following procedure:

Earnings Code: ACR
Effective Date: Enter the earnings effective date
Earnings: Enter the adjustment amount
Goal Amount: Enter the goal amount (same as the adjustment amount)


Retirement &

These earnings are not included as salary for retirement purposes, not included as salary for the calculation of UUP dues and not included in any Deferred Compensation deduction calculation.


Payroll Register and Employee Paycheck/Advice

The Earnings Code CAR or ACR and the amount will be displayed on the payroll register. The earnings description “SUNY Automobile Allowance” or “Adjust SUNY Auto Allowance” will be displayed on the employee’s paycheck or advice.



Questions about the SUNY automobile allowance payment may be directed to your Payroll Auditor.