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  Date: August 19, 2004 Bulletin No. SP-78

Subject New Earnings Code EOS – Extraordinary Overtime for Senior Investigators
Purpose To provide procedures to the Division of State Police for a new Earnings Code to be used for Extraordinary Overtime for Senior Investigators in Bargaining Unit 62.
Affected Employees Senior Investigators in BU 62.
Background Article 12.8A of the agreement between the State of New York and the New York State Police Investigators Association, Local 4, I.U.P.A., AFL-CIO for the unit consisting of all Investigators and Senior Investigators of the Division of State Police, 1995-1999, allows for the payment of overtime in certain instances to Senior Investigators who are ineligible to receive overtime.

Senior Investigators are eligible to receive extraordinary overtime compensation for the following purposes:

  1. State Police examination proctoring
  2. Trooper candidate processing including medical exams, agility tests, candidate interviews and psychological testing
  3. Speech assignments
  4. Assignment to the New York State Fair
OSC Actions OSC has created a new Earn Code, EOS (Extraordinary OT SR Invest) to be used to report eligible earnings on the Time Entry page.
Agency Actions

To report Extraordinary Overtime the agency must submit the Earn Code EOS in the Time Entry page using the following procedures:

Earnings Begin Date:

Effective date overtime started

Earnings End Date:

Effective date overtime ended

Earn Code:



Number of overtime hours

Comments: Agency must enter comment identifying eligible purpose for overtime
Payroll Register and Employee Paycheck/Advice The Earnings Code EOS and the amount will be displayed on the payroll register.   The earnings description “Extraordinary OT SR Invest” and the amount will be displayed on the employee's paycheck or advice.
Questions Questions concerning this Bulletin should be directed to your Payroll Auditor.