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  Date: November 19, 2003 Bulletin No. SP-72

Subject State Police Troopers' Salary Schedule Change Based on Geographic Work Location
Purpose To explain OSC's automatic processing and to provide the agency with instructions for payments not processed automatically.
Affected Employees Troopers in Bargaining Unit 07 with a work location in New York City, Rockland and Westchester Counties, Orange, Putnam and Dutchess Counties, or Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
Background Pursuant to the Clarification of Award between New York State and the Police Benevolent Association that provides for a new Salary Schedule based on geographic work location for Troopers in Bargaining Units 07.
Effective 03/27/03, each step in the State Trooper Series will be based on a specific salary depending on the Trooper's work location. (This differs from previous practice, where all Troopers on the same step received the same salary regardless of their geographic work location.) Troopers transferring to a different work location will now receive the salary step amount applicable to that location.
Rates are effective 03/27/03. Payments will be made in paychecks dated 12/03/03.
OSC Actions Pay Period 17 The new Salary Schedule in effect for Bargaining Unit (BU) 07 is based on Geographic Area (Attachment A).

OSC will review each Trooper's salary in relation to the Trooper's SPL (Supplemental Location) amount on the Additional Pay page to determine the Trooper's geographic work location and will increase the salary to the corresponding step on the new chart. SPL amounts are determined by the Trooper's job location by county.

The system will not automatically update a Trooper's salary if there is a (SPL) row with an effective date after 03/27/03.

OSC will insert a row in Job Data using the Action/Reason codes of PAY (Pay Rate Change) /CFS (Correct Fiscal Salary) effective 03/27/03 and will increase salaries for all eligible Troopers per Attachment A.
OSC will also insert rows using the Action/Reason codes of PAY/ CSL (Correct Salary) for any eligible subsequent rows in Job Data.
Agency Actions OSC will not automatically process Troopers with SPL rows in Additional Pay that have effective dates after 03/27/03.The Agency must submit Pay Rate Changes for eligible Troopers using the Action/Reason codes of PAY/CFS effective 03/27/03. The Agency must also submit transactions using the Action/Reason codes of PAY/CSL to update any eligible rows in Job Data effective after 03/27/03.
Control D Reports The following report will be available for agency review after the raise is processed.

Mass Salary Payment Report (NHRP704)
This report will identify all employees who received the automatic increase. The report will identify the employee's last salary in an eligible bargaining unit that was automatically increased. Other fields on the report include EmplID, Employee Record #, Employee Name, Grade, Bargaining Unit, Pay Basis Code, Part-Time Percentage, Action Reason, and Increment Code.
Questions Questions about Salary Increases may be referred to the Salary Determination mailbox.

  Attachment - New Salary Schedule in effect for BU 07