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  Date:  July 9, 2003 Bulletin No. SP-70

Subject Addendum to Bulletin SP-66, April 2003 State Police BU 07 and BU 17 Arbitration Award Implementation
Purpose To explain OSC's process for calculating and paying Overtime Adjustments to Retro Pay Overtime amounts for 03/29/01-03/26/03.
Affected Employees Troopers in Bargaining Unit 07 and Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers in Bargaining Unit 17.
Payments will be made in the employee's regular checks dated 07/30/03.
Background Chapter 22 of the Laws of 2003 implements the Arbitration Award between New York State and the Police Benevolent Association that provides for salary increases and other payments for employees in Bargaining Units 07 and 17.

In Pay Period 2, a payment was made to adjust the overtime paid during the period 3/26/01-3/26/03 for all affected employees. The adjustment to be paid in the check of 7/30/03 will add to that calculation by calculating the amount of overtime paid as a retro adjustment during the adjustment period from 3/29/01-3/26/03 and applying the raise.
OSC Actions OSC will automatically calculate adjustments to overtime for all Retro Pay amount differences for codes OTA, OTI, and WOT for 03/29/01-03/26/03 as follows:

03/29/01-03/27/02 multiplied by 3.5%03/28/02-03/26/03 multiplied by 7.12% (representing the combined impact of two 3.5% raises)

OSC will insert a row in Time Entry with the reason code of OS1 stating the adjustment for each year. The Begin and End dates will be 03/27/02 and 03/26/03 or the last date in which the employee was in the eligible Bargaining Unit.

The adjustment is pensionable.
Questions Questions may be referred to your payroll auditor.