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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: May 17, 2002

Bulletin No. SP-53

Subject Equipment Allowance Payment for Employees Represented by the NYS Police Investigators Association (NYSPIA)
Purpose To provide procedures for processing payments.
Affected Employees Investigators and Senior Investigators in Bargaining Unit 62.
Payment Date Payment will be made in a separate check. Administration pay period 4L/5C, check dated June 5, 2002.
Contract Provisions and Eligibility Criteria Chapter 8 of the Laws of 2001 provides that employees who are active in Bargaining Unit 62 on 4/1/02 shall receive $177 for equipment purchased. Employees who are on Leave Without Pay on 4/1/02 are eligible for payment upon their return to the payroll.
Agency Processing Payments are to be processed through the Time Entry Panel as follows:

Earnings End Date: 05/22/02
Earnings Begin Date: 05/09/02
Earn Code: EQA
Amount: $177.00
Payroll Register and Employee's Check The earnings code EQA will be displayed on the Payroll Register. The earnings description, Equipment Allowance, will appear on the employee's check stub.

There will be no Direct Deposit for this payment.

The equipment allowance is NOT included in the calculation of overtime and IS included as salary for retirement purposes.
Questions Questions about this payment may be referred to your payroll auditor.