NYS Comptroller Seal  

Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: April 9, 2001

Bulletin No. SP-36  

Subject Cancellation of General Deductions for Certain Employees who are Inactive or on a Leave of Absence Without Pay
Purpose To explain an automatic cancellation of general deductions for certain employees for retroactive payments.
Affected Employees Inactive employees (and leave without pay) with active deductions in bargaining units 07, 17 and 62.
Effective Date(s)

Checks dated 05/09/2001 for employees who are inactive or on leave without pay with the following effective dates:
04/12/01 or prior for Lag payrolls (01060)
04/26/01 or prior for Current payrolls (01069)

OSC Actions OSC will insert a row on 4/27/2001 to cancel all general deductions except the following:
406 Strike/Discip Fine
416 Copeland Deferred Compensation
425 Repay State Loans / Debt
426 Higher Ed Repay State Loan
500 Medicare Deficiency
501 Social Security Deficiency
Health Insurance If a transaction is received from the Department of Civil Service for a health insurance deduction, the transaction will be processed and the deduction will be taken from the employee’s check.
Agency Actions

When a return from leave of absence or a rehire transaction is processed, the agency must verify the employee’s deductions on the general deduction panel and also verify the employee’s retirement data on the retirement  panel.  OSC is not making any changes to data on the retirement panel.

For ANY changes to an employee’s job record, agencies must verify the general deduction and retirement panels and cancel or initiate appropriate information.

Also, it is the agencies responsibility to verify the employee’s direct deposit record is still accurate.

Questions Questions should be directed to your auditor.