Payroll System Replacement Project

PaySr Bulletins - State Police

Subject: Productivity Bonus Bulletin No. SP26
Date:   5/14/99
Employees Affected:  Employees in Bargaining Units 07, 17 and 62
The Productivity Bonus for employees in bargaining units 07, 17 and 62 will be paid in separate checks in Period 4 Lag, 5 Current, checks dated June 9, 1999. This will be a separate check, not direct deposited, and distributed with the employees regular check for that pay period. There will be no direct deposit this payment. Use the earn code PRB to pay eligible employees. These entries are to be processed through the Time Entry Panel as follows:

Earn Begin Date
Earn End Date
Earning Code
Enter: Pay Period Begin Date
Enter: Period Paid End Date
Enter: PRB
Enter: Payment Amount

Payroll Register/Check Stub

The earn code PRB and amount will be displayed on the Payroll Register and the employee’s check.


Questions should be directed to your auditor.