Date: March 10, 2010

Bulletin Number: DH-44



April 2010 Rent Regulation Services Unit (RRSU) Longevity Lump Sum Payments (LLS)


To inform the agency of OSC’s automatic processing of the LLS payment and to provide instructions for payments not processed automatically.

Affected Employees

Longevity-eligible employees in BU67 with an Increment Code of 1976-2005, 0010, 0110, 0210, 0310 and 0410.


Chapter 49 of the Laws of 2008 implements the agreement between the State and Rent Regulation Services Unit (RRSU) and provides for a new Longevity Lump Sum payment beginning April 2010.  The Longevity Lump Sum payment will be in the amount of $1,250 or $2,500 based on the eligibility criteria below.

Effective Date(s)

Payment will be processed in a separate check dated April 28, 2010 (Administration).  There will be no direct deposit for this payment.

Contract Provisions and Eligibility Criteria

Employees in graded positions (Grades 001-032) and NS (Grade 600) positions which are equated to grade are eligible for the payment provided the employee:

  • Is on the payroll March 31, 2010 (Active, on Paid Leave of Absence, or on a Military Stipend Leave) in a BU67 position; and
  • As of March 31, 2010, has five (5) or more or ten (10) or more years of continuous service* at a base annual salary equal to or greater than the Job Rate for the employee’s current grade; and
  • Did not receive an “Unsatisfactory” evaluation on their last rating date. Employees who were not rated or not reported “Unsatisfactory” during the period will receive the payment.

*Continuous service, as used in determining eligibility for the LLS payment, is paid service (including part-time annual-salaried service, paid Military Leave and Sick Leave at Half Pay) or time on Workers’ Compensation Leave or Military Leave without Pay.

All employees that meet the continuous service eligibility criteria as of 3/31/10 will be placed on the April Cycle for LLS payments regardless of whether they attained job rate on the April or October performance advance cycle. An employee who meets the continuous service eligibility requirement for payment in April 2010, but who received an “Unsatisfactory” rating, will not receive a payment in April 2010 and will remain on the April payment cycle.

After 3/31/10, once an employee meets the initial five year continuous service eligibility in either April or October, they will stay on that cycle.

Employees are not eligible to receive more than one payment in a fiscal year.

The following employees will become eligible for the LLS payment upon processing of Performance Advances in Pay Period 1L:

An employee occupying a position that has been previously reallocated, whose salary was equal to or greater than the Job Rate of the lower grade and whose salary upon application of the October 2009 or April 2010 Performance Advance reaches the Job Rate of the reallocated grade is entitled to the Job Rate credit of the lower grade.

  • The Increment Code of an employee who received the October 2009 Performance Advance was updated to 0910.
  • The Increment Code of an employee receiving the April 2010 Performance Advance will be automatically updated from 0001 to 2010.
  • These employees will not receive an automatic LLS payment; therefore, the agency must submit transactions in Pay Period 2L to make the payments and update the increment codes.  For instructions, see the section below entitled “Agency Actions – Payments to Employees Not Paid Automatically.”

The following employees will become eligible for the LLS payment during 2010-2011:

  • An employee who otherwise qualifies but is on an approved Leave of Absence without Pay including Workers’ Compensation Leave or on a preferred list on March 31, 2010 and who returns from such leave between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011 is eligible for the payment. There is no minimum service requirement following the employee’s return to active payroll status.  The agency should request the LLS payment in the same pay period the employee returns to active payroll status.
  • Demotion after March 31, 2010 - An employee who is not eligible for the payment becomes eligible if the employee returns to a lower graded position between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011, provided the employee otherwise would have been eligible if the employee had been in the lower graded position on March 31, 2010 and remained in the lower graded position for at least six (6) pay periods; and
  • The promotion was temporary and the employee has been reinstated to their previous position or has been appointed to another lower graded qualifying position; or
  • The promotion was permanent, but the demotion occurred:
    • in lieu of layoff; or
    • voluntarily during the probationary period; or
    • as a result of failure of a probationary period.

The agency should request the LLS payment after the completion of six (6) full pay periods in the lower grade using the same effective date as the demotion.

An employee demoted as a result of a disciplinary action or who takes a voluntary demotion from a permanent position after the completion of a probationary period in the higher grade is not eligible for an LLS payment in the lower grade.

OSC Actions – Automatic Processing

OSC will automatically insert a row using the Earnings Code LLS on the employee’s Additional Pay page to make the payment.  The payment amount is $1,250 for five (5) or more years and $2,500 for ten (10) or more years or a prorated amount, as described below:

  • Employees who are full-time on March 31, 2010 or full-time employees who are on a Paid Leave of Absence, Military Stipend Leave or on a Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule (VRWS) receive the full payment amount.

Note:  For employees on the Voluntary Reduction in Work Schedule program, the agency must verify that the Full/Part Time Indicator on the Job Data/Job Information page is “Voluntary.”

  • Employees who are part-time on March 31, 2010 receive a prorated payment based on the employee's part-time percentage on March 31, 2010.
  • Part-time employees who are on a Paid Leave of Absence, or Military Stipend Leave on March 31, 2010 receive a prorated amount based on the employee's regular part-time percentage prior to the leave.
The Additional Pay page will be populated for eligible employees with the following:

Earnings Code:


Effective Date:


OT Effective Date:


Annual Additional Earnings:

Payment Amount

Earn End Date:


Agency Actions – Payments to Employees Not Paid Automatically To pay an employee after the automatic payment has been processed, enter the following information on the Additional Pay page:

Earnings Code:


Effective Date:

Enter eligibility date*

OT Effective Date:

Same as effective date

Annual Additional Earnings:

Payment Amount

Earn End Date:


*For example:   If an Administration agency enters a transaction in Pay Period 1L for an employee who returned to the payroll on April 3, 2010, the effective date is 4/3/10.

To Correct an Increment Code
If the employee did not receive an automatic LLS payment because the increment code was incorrect, the agency must, in addition to submitting the LLS payment, submit a Job Action Request using the Action/Reason code of DTA/CIC (Data Change/Correct Increment Code).  The appropriate increment code must be entered in the Increment Code field.

Employee Becomes Eligible for Payment Due to Demotion
If an employee was ineligible on 3/31/2010 and becomes eligible in 2010-2011 due to demotion as explained above, the agency should enter a comment on the General Comments page verifying the employee is eligible for LLS based on the reason the demotion occurred.

Retirement and Overtime Calculation information

The LLS is a one-time, lump sum payment which is included as salary for retirement purposes and in the calculation of overtime compensation (refer to “Overtime Compensation,” Part III, Page 1 of the OSC Salary Manual).  The 2010 Longevity Lump Sum payment will be included in the calculation of overtime earned from April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011.

Control-D Reports and Preparation for Payment

Prior to the automatic processing, the following report will be available:

NPAY756 Longevity Lump Sum (LLS) Eligibility Listing
This report is a preliminary listing of employees eligible for the LLS payment as of the date the report is run (approximately March 1, 2010).  It will be available the second week of March, 2010.

Agencies should review this listing carefully with particular attention to employees who are ineligible due to an “Unsatisfactory” evaluation on their last rating date.

Corrections to the preliminary listing should be submitted on the Correction Sheet.  (The form may be duplicated if additional copies are needed.)  This form must be used to:

  • Add employees who do not appear on the listing, such as:
    • Eligible employees in NS positions where the equated grade does not appear on the Position Data page.  Agencies must submit documentation of the salary equation with the Correction Sheet.
    • Eligible employees who are in composite positions (identified by Increment Code 2222).
    • Employees whose positions were downward reallocated and are eligible based on the prior grade (identified by Increment Code 0069).
  • Delete employees who should not appear on the listing.
    • Employees with an “Unsatisfactory” evaluation on their last rating date.
    • For employees with an “Unsatisfactory” rating, the Increment Code must be updated to 7777.
  • Change incorrect information pertaining to an employee appearing on the listing.

Do not add employees whose eligibility will change due to transactions that will be processed prior to Pay Period 26 (Administration).

Corrections should be submitted as soon as possible and must be received no later than March 29, 2010.  Please fax corrections to (518) 474-2601 or (518) 402-4949 and send an email to the Salary Determination mailbox to inform the Salary Determination Unit that a correction has been faxed.

After the automatic processing is completed, the following report will be available:

NPAY770 One Time Payment Report
This report identifies all employees who received the automatic LLS payment.

Increment Code Update after Initial Payment

All employees who receive the LLS payment in April 2010 whose Increment Code in effect on 3/31/10 is 0010, 0110, 0210, 0310, or 0410 (indicating job rate credit on the October performance advance cycle) will have their increment codes updated to the appropriate fiscal year described below.

  • A row will be inserted in Job Data with the effective date of 3/31/10 with Action/Reason code of DTA/ILS (Initial Longevity Lump Sum).
  • The Increment Codes will be updated as follows:

    Existing Increment Code

    New Increment Code











  • There will be no update for employees with Increment Codes of 1976-2005.
Taxes and Deductions

This payment is subject to Federal, State, and local income taxes and Social Security/Medicare employment taxes.  Deductions will be taken for retirement normal contributions, garnishments and Federal levies.

Payroll Register and Employee’s Paycheck

The Earnings Code LLS and the amount will be displayed on the payroll register.  The earnings description, Longevity LSP, and the amount will be printed on the employee’s paycheck.

This payment will be made in a separate check regardless of when paid. There will be no direct deposit for this payment. The separate check will be issued along with the employee’s regular paycheck or direct deposit advice for the check date submitted.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determination mailbox.