Payroll System Replacement Project

PaySr Bulletins - Division of Housing and Community Renewal

Subject: District Council 37, Local 1359
Dues and Agency Shop Fee Increase
Bulletin No. DH3
The bi-weekly dues and agency shop fee deductions for the District Council 37, Local 1359 have been increased, effective in Payroll Period 23-Lag, Administration check dated January 6, 1999.

Under the dues structure, the dues (code 224) and agency shop fee (code 230) are based upon annual salary as described below:

Annual Pay Basis Code

Annual Salary*

Bi-weekly Rate

Up to $28,000 $17.35
$28,001 to $38,000 $18.25
$38,001 to $48,000 $19.20
$48,001 and above $20.15

Hourly Pay Basis Code

A single amount of $17.35 will be deducted for all employees paid an hourly rate.

*For annual-salaried, working part-time, the dues or agency shop fee is based on the annual salary adjusted by the part-time percentage. If an employee goes from full-time to part-time, or vice versa, it is the agency’s responsibility to change the dues amount accordingly.

Exception: If an employee is reported as sick leave at half pay, do not reduce the dues amount.

OSC will automatically recalculate the dues and agency shop fee amounts for the January payroll. Once established, the biweekly amounts are not increased for individual employees during 1999, even if an employee’s salary is increased.