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Bureau of State Payroll Services


  Date:  February 26, 2004 Bulletin No. DH-10

Subject New Narrative Description for Deduction Code 391
Purpose To explain a union-requested change in the description of Deduction Code 391.
Affected Employees Employees represented by District Council 37, Bargaining Unit 67, with a voluntary Deduction Code 391.
Checks dated March 10, 2004.
Background At the request of District Council 37, OSC will change the pay stub narrative for Deduction Code 391 to: DC 37 VIP Winston Fin. Svs. This applies to DC 37's voluntary insurance program administered by Winston Financial Services. The current narrative is DC37 Personal Lines-OCA.
OSC Actions OSC will automatically make this change.
Agency Actions Notify affected employees.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.