Date: December 21, 2017

Bulletin Number: CU-609

Subject Minimum Wage Increases for Certain Hourly CUNY Employees

Purpose To inform agencies of OSC’s automatic processing of the December 2017 minimum wage increases for hourly employees in the titles of College Assistant, EOC Assistant, Student Aide and Campus Security Assistant and provide instructions for increases not processed automatically.

Affected Employees

Employees in hourly positions who meet the eligibility criteria
Background Pursuant to memoranda dated 08/04/16 and 10/14/2016 from Carmelo Batista, Jr. authorizing implementation of an increase to minimum wage in December for years 2016, 2017 and 2018 for Classified Staff White Collar and Blue Collar represented by District Council 37, IBT Local 237, SEIU Local 300, IATSE Local 306.

Pursuant to the City University of New York Personnel Policy Bulletin dated January 31, 2017 from Gloriana B. Walters authorizing implementation of an increase to minimum wage in December 31st for years 2016, 2017 and 2018 for Unrepresented BU U1 Student Aide title.

Effective Date(s) The minimum wage increases for eligible hourly employees will be processed using the following effective date and check date:

Pay Cycle/Pay Period Type

Effective Date

Check Date

Institution  Current 21



Eligibility Criteria Employees in one of the following titles, with a pay basis code of HRY on or after the payment effective date, and an hourly rate less than listed below:


College Assistant

EOC Assistant

Campus Security Assistant

Student Aide

Rate in effect is less than:





OSC Actions OSC will process the minimum wage increases if the employee meets the eligibility criteria and has a Payroll Status of Active, Leave with Pay or Leave of Absence on 01/04/2018. OSC will automatically insert a row on the employee’s Job Data page effective 01/04/2018 with an Action/Reason code of Pay Rate Change/CRT (Chg Rate) and increase the employee’s hourly rate to the applicable rate as listed in the Eligibility Criteria.

Agency Actions – Beginning Institution Pay Period 21C For eligible employees whose hourly rate in effect on or after the payment effective date is less than the applicable rate as listed in the Eligibility Criteria and for whom the rate was not automatically increased, CUNY must submit a Pay Change on the Job Action Requests page using the Reason code CRT (Chg Rate) using the appropriate effective date.

Agencies must update all subsequent effective dated rows provided the employee remains in an eligible position.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Earnings mailbox.