Date: December 12, 2017

Bulletin Number: CU-607

Subject 2018 CUNY Pre Tax Transit and Parking Rate Changes

Purpose To notify CUNY agencies of the 2018 Pre Tax Transit and Parking rate changes pursuant to IRS Release, IR-2017-178, dated October 19, 2017.

Affected Employees CUNY employees enrolled in the CUNY Transit and Parking Benefit Transportation Spending Account Program who have a CUNY Pre Tax Transit Benefit (code 438) and/or CUNY Pre Tax Parking Benefit (code 446) biweekly deduction.

Background The monthly limitation regarding the aggregate fringe benefit exclusion amount for transportation in a commuter highway vehicle and any transit pass is increasing to $260.00 per month. The parking pre tax limits will also be limited to $260.00 per month per IR-2017-178.

Effective Date(s)

Institution Paychecks dated January 4, 2018.

Agency Processing Instructions to Change Existing Deductions or Start New Deductions If a change to the employee’s current deduction for 2018 is necessary, agencies must update the General Deduction page in accordance with the instructions below. Entering changes to the transit and parking deductions may begin on December 14, 2017 and must be completed by December 22, 2017.

If changes are needed, the steps found below should be used for the following deduction codes, as necessary:

438 – CUNY Pre Tax Transit Benefit (Not to Exceed $130.00
439 – CUNY Post Tax Transit Benefit
446 – CUNY Pre Tax Parking Benefit (Not to Exceed $130.00
447 – CUNY Post Tax Parking Benefit

Enter the transaction in PayServ on the General Deduction Data (Agency) page, using the following instructions:

  1. After logging into PayServ, access the General Deduction Data (Agency) page.

Main Menu>Payroll for North America>Employee Pay Data USA>Deductions>Create General Deductions

  1. Enter the NYS Emplid in the EmplID field of the dialog box and select Search.
  2. The employee’s General Deduction page appears. Select “View All”.
  3. Determine whether the employee already has a deduction record for Deduction Code 438, CUNY Pre Tax Transit. 
    • If a record exists, select the + sign to insert a new row in the Deduction Details section and continue with Step 6.
    • If there is not an existing row for the CUNY Pre Tax Transit, Deduction Code 438, select the + sign to insert a new row in the General Deduction page and continue with Step 5.
  4. Deduction Code – Enter Deduction Code 438, CUNY Pre Tax Transit.
  5. Effective Date – Enter the effective date for the 2018 deduction to begin as follows:

Institution (Lag)


Institution (Current)


  1. Deduction Calculation Routine – Select Flat Amount from the drop down box.
  2. Deduction End Date:

Institution (Lag)


Institution (Current)


Note: A Deduction End Date must be entered.

  1. Flat/Addl Amount – Enter the amount to be deducted from each biweekly paycheck.  The Payroll Deduction amount for 438 should not exceed $130.00 biweekly ($260.00 per month).
  2. Save the transaction.

Questions Questions regarding the CUNY Transit Spending Account Program should be directed to the CUNY University Benefits Office at (646) 664-3337 or (646) 664-3350.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deduction mailbox.