Date: February 22, 2017

Bulletin Number: CU-580

Subject CUNY Rate Increase for Supervisor of Mechanics

Purpose To provide agency instructions for processing the CUNY Rate Increase for Supervisor of Mechanics.


CUNY employees in the title of Supervisor of Mechanics.


The rate increases are pursuant to the New York City Comptroller’s Consent Determination dated 05/15/2015.

The revised rate chart and additional information are contained in a memorandum dated 09/01/2015 from Carmelo Batista, Jr.

Rates Effective



Supervisor of Mechanics


Effective Date(s) Increases can be submitted in Pay Period 25C (Institution), paychecks dated 03/16/2017.  Rate increase is effective 03/09/2017.

Agency Actions Reporting the Rate Increases

To increase the hourly rate(s), the agency must submit the following requests, regardless of the employee’s status:

  • For all rate increases, request a Pay Change with the Action/Reason code of PAY/CRT (Pay Rate Change/Change Rate) on the Job Action Requests page, using the effective date of the appropriate increase, and submit the new hourly rate.
  • A separate request must be made for each of the rows that exist on the employee’s Job Data page.
Tax Information These monies are taxable income and are subject to all employment taxes and income taxes.  The monies will be included in the employee’s taxable gross and will be reported on the employee’s Form W-2.

Questions Questions about processing transactions for Supervisor of Mechanics may be emailed to the Payroll Earnings mailbox.

Questions regarding Deductions may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.

Questions regarding Taxes should be directed to the Tax and Compliance mailbox.