Date: August 29, 2005 Bulletin Number: UCS-86
NYS-Ride Transportation Benefit Pilot Program

To notify Unified Court System (UCS) agencies of the change in eligibility for the NYS-Ride Transportation Benefit Pilot Program.

The Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER), in response to a request from UCS, is expanding the NYS-Ride Transportation Benefit Pilot Program for Executive Branch Employees to UCS employees. This program provides pre-tax benefits to eligible UCS employees. Post-tax deductions are also allowed for this program. The program will be administered by the vendor, WageWorks, Inc.

Eligible Employees
UCS employees who receive a regular biweekly paycheck, who are in an eligible bargaining unit and who are assigned to a work location in one of the five boroughs of New York City.

Eligible bargaining units are: 86, 87,88, CT, S9, SA, SD, SG, SK, SN, SR, and SY.

Effective Date(s)
Paychecks dated September 21, 2005 (Administration).
OSC Actions
OSC will process deduction transactions using the deduction codes listed below:

Code   Narrative Description
421   421 NYS-Ride Pre-Tax: This code is to be used to process biweekly pre-tax deductions.
422   422 NYS-Ride Post-Tax: This code is to be used to process biweekly post-tax deductions.

NOTE: Enrollment for this program is based upon two (2) payroll deductions each month. There will be no deductions taken in the third paycheck in months where three paychecks are issued.

The vendor will submit all transactions for starting, canceling and/or changing these deductions. There is no agency update access to these deduction codes.

Eligibility File
OSC has created an eligibility file that will be transmitted on a weekly basis to the vendor. This file contains information that identifies employees who are eligible for the pilot program. The vendor will use this file to match the employee’s current payroll record against enrollment information.

Agency Actions
During the pilot program, agency Human Resource Departments are responsible to assist with the enrollment process for eligible employees who experience difficulty with enrollment. Information on this process has been communicated by GOER to the Directors of Human Resources.

Employees may enroll in NYS-Ride online at www.nysride.com or by phone at 866-428-7751 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time. Employees who are hearing impaired may contact WageWorks Customer Service through TDD at 866-361-8017.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.