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  Date:  January 27, 2004 Bulletin No. UCS-67

Subject New Reason Code UCS (UCS List Appt)
Purpose To notify agencies of a new Reason Code to be used for reporting a change in an employee's appointment code.
Effective Date PP22L (1/15-1/28/04), -Paycheck Date 2/11/04
Background Per OCA request, a new Reason Code has been established that will allow OCA to identify whether a change in an Employee's Appointment Code resulted from a List Appointment or a Non-List Appointment. (UCS List Appt*).
Agency Actions The new Reason Code UCS must be reported on the Job Action Request page using the Action of DTA (Data Change) whenever an Employee's Appointment Code is changing because of a List Appointment. When this Action Reason combination is used, the Effective Date, Effective Sequence, and Appointment Code will be the only fields available for entry. An entry is required in each field.
* The display on Job Request will state "UCS LA".

When the change in status did not result from a List Appointment, the Agency should continue to use the Reason Code CRS (Correct Status) to change the Employee's Appointment Code.
OSC Actions Provided there is not a subsequent Effective Dated row on the Employee's Job Record, or there is not another transaction on the Job Request Page that did not auto approve and therefore, "held up" the Data Change, both of these Action Reasons will automatically be approved by the system.
Questions Additional questions regarding the use of this code should be directed to the Office of Court Administration at 212-428-2568.