NYS Comptroller Seal  

Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  April 30, 2001

 Bulletin No. UCS-45

Subject Voluntary Insurance program for certain employees of the Unified Court System
Purpose To explain the use of deduction code 380 AFLAC Voluntary Supplemental Insurance Program. Previously Bargaining Unit SY (refer to bulletin UCS-37) was the only bargaining unit eligible for this deduction. Employees in Bargaining Units F8 and S9 are now eligible.
Affected Employees Employees in Bargaining Unit SY represented by New York State Supreme Court Officers Association, Bargaining Unit F8 represented by Suffolk County Court Employees Association and Bargaining Unit S9 represented by New York State Court Clerks Association.
Effective Date Administration checks dated May 9, 2001
Agency Actions No agency action is required.  The insurance company will submit transactions directly to OSC.
Questions Employees may contact the administrator of this insurance program, AFLAC, toll free at (800) 366-3436.